German death metal band SUSURRO releases new single “Bloodbath”

German death/thrash metal band Susurro have released their new single “Bloodbath”. The release was recorded at AKS Studios and mixed and mastered by Andy Lux.

Band founder Jack Skaner describes the song as follows: “We are all born equal, why are wars fought for money, why are the masses so easily manipulated, everyone eats shit and breathes, we are all the same. it is not possible for anyone. to spend his fortune after his death”.

Susurro was formed in 2019 in Allmersbach, Germany by Jack Skaner (vocals/guitar). Soon after, Mr. Six-Ell (bass) and Winzent Walace (guitars/keyboards) joined the band and the line-up was complete. The band’s debut album, Erratic, was released in January 2022.

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