Finnish traditional heavy metal band WISHING WELL have released another single from their upcoming album “Sin And Shame”

PHOTO: Henrik Sirelä

Finnish traditional heavy metal band Wishing Well have released another single from their upcoming “Sin And Shame” album. “Space Invaders” features a flamboyant intro and eerie Moog-riff plus some melodic instrumental parts. Surprisingly the song does not include Hammond organ, their trademark, at all. Lyrics of the song got inspiration from legendary 80s arcade shooting game, Space Invaders. The song was written by guitar player Anssi Korkiakoski and band’s ex-bass player Rick Becker. The single is out with a promo video, filmed and edited by Jussi Koskinen.

“This song is a bit different in many ways but of course it’s the synthesizers that make the difference. I admit that I wasn’t too keen on the idea of leaving Hammond out. However, when I found that cool Moog sound and arranged synth parts I realized that they are perfect for this particular song. They say that variety is the spice of life but whatever the case, I’ll stick to Hammond organ until the day I day, I’m too old to learn too many new tricks”, says Arto Teppo, the nestor of the band. “Plastic toys are not my thing, I’ll leave all those files and menus for younger players. I trust old school hardware and hardwood more than programmed and downloaded sounds. In this matter I have very traditional values”, he continues.

“This song is as old as the hills but with the synths and proper arrangement this became a modern song, at least in our standards. Space Invaders was a great game back in the day and that gave us a cool sci-fi theme that always fits with metal, tongue-in-cheek, of course. The instrumental melody part was written by Rick Becker years ago and I’m happy that we were able to utilize that in this song”, says Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player of the band. “There are some new sounds on the new album and in my opinion they upgrade and refresh our overall sound pretty nicely”, he finishes.

”Sin And Shame” album is out on 17 March. The band will play album release gig at On The Rocks Club in Helsinki in 31 March, supporting Finnish hard rock legends Peer Günt.

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