Finnish tech-death band OMNIVORTEX have released a new single alongside a music video from upcoming second album

PHOTO: Antti Kontoniemi

The finnish tech-death masters, Omnivortex, have released the second single, from their upcoming sophomore album entitled “Circulate”. The new single, entitled “Of Aeons Past” has been inspired by the horror stories of HP Lovecraft:

“As on our debut album, there are some references to HP Lovecraft, and his cosmic horror stories and Cthulhu-mythos. As for “Of Aeons Past” there are no direct references, but the stories of his has been a big inspiration lyric-wise. You can sense some of the horrors in the music video, but done kinda in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Musically, the song is all about fast paced spider riffs, slap bass, endless blasting, and terrifying monster voices. As it should be.”, says the bands vocalist/guitarist Severi Saarioja, who is responsible for the music and lyrics.

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