Finnish Sludge-Doom Metal band EARTHBLOOD released their first single “Primal Fury” – EP out on September 22nd

PHOTO: Tommi Tuhkala
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Earthblood’s first explosive single “Primal Fury” from the upcoming eponymous EP combines the power of thunder and the animalistic side of human rage. The song merges together the massive sound of sludge/doom metal and the fast rhythms of thrash, creating an unique and interesting and most of all extremely heavy soundscape. Primal Fury EP is set to be released on September 22nd 2023 via Inverse Records. 

“With the might of the crushing bass and rumble of drums the immense fuzz guitar smashes through a world tormented by demons and ape warriors.” 

Earthblood was founded in the spring of 2023 by a trio of friends, fusing classic elements of Stoner rock and Sludge metal with the fast tempos and riffing of genres such as Thrash and Death metal.
The band pursues an all-around thundering sound in their music, humorously describing it themselves as “Frenzied ape thunder metal”. Their objective is to plow through gigs with raw and primal energy so that their thunder might be heard globally.

Earthblood will release their first EP titled “Primal Fury” on September 22nd 2023 and they are well on their way with the recording of their second EP which is to be announced later this year.

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