Finnish Sludge-Doom Metal band EARTHBLOOD released a first single “Sons of Heavy Rain”

PHOTO: Joni Ruununoksa

Finnish Sludge-Doom metal band Earthblood is set to release their second EP titled ‘Witchburner’ on April 18th 2024 via Inverse Records. The Finns seem to be quite productive while it’s been only half a year since their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Primal Fury‘.  

The first single “Sons of Heavy Rain” taken from the upcoming second EP is more melodic than its predecessor, but the soundscape remains the same. The fuzz guitar rumbles, the dirty bass growls and the drums beat like thunder. 

Earthblood was founded in the spring of 2023 by a group of friends, fusing elements of dirty and gritty Sludge with the fast tempos and riffing of genres such as Thrash and Death metal. They humorously describe this sonic wall of sound as Thunder Ape metal.

Earthbloods first EP titled “Primal Fury” was released by Inverse records in the September of 2023.

Their sophomore EP bearing the name “Witchburner” will be branded upon the world on April 18th 2024 via Inverse Records.

Apes together strong!

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