Finnish melodic metal band ENDLESS EXAM released new single from their upcoming debut album

PHOTO: Nina Mönkkönen
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Finnish metal band Endless Exam releases the final single before the debut album to be released in early June. According to the band’s singer Nina Kuronen, the song ‘I ain’t your toy’ is about a relationship between two people. The desire of the other party to build a deeper connection does not interest the other person who only has his own fantasies and selfish goals. Eventually the situation escalates and turns upside down.

The band describes the song as follows: “We wanted to make this a straight-forward and grooving song with a big chorus. It has slightly industrial-vibes there. Works really great in a live gig”

The band releases their debut full-length ‘Voice of passion and agony’ on June 2nd 2023.

Endless Exam is a Finnish band founded in 2020 that plays theatrical modern metal.

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