Finnish melodic metal band DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION has released their sophomore album “LUC-II-FARUL”

PHOTO: Kari Kerosalo

Finnish melodic metal band Death’s-Head and the Space Allusion has released their second full length album LUC-II-FARUL.

The band comments on the album:
“LUC-II-FARUL is a great continuum to where the debut album The Counterbalance left. The album has speed, heaviness and bits and pieces of progressive rock.

You could say that LUC-II-FARUL is a perky album, partly because we weren’t afraid to use major chords in it. The album is also very honest. Songs came out just as we wanted, and like with the debut album, this second album is musically just the kind of stuff we want to spin in the turntable.

There is a main theme in the album. LUC-II-FARUL is a lightbringer, which brings a flicker of light. Small things in life are the ones that matter, and positive things should be enforced even though they wouldn’t take the bad stuff away.

We managed to veil the lyrics well, and we wanted nothing to be told directly so everyone really needs to focus and think. On the other hand, the album works also really well as a ‘switch my brain off and give me a beer’ -kind of moment, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Music straight from the heart, and hopefully as many people as possible find the album, listens to it, and makes their own opinion whether to like it or not. We like it and there definitely will be more to come.”

DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION, a band founded in 2016 in Oulu, Finland, is a combination of melodies, metal and clean vocals. The band released their debut album ‘The Counterbalance‘ in 2019 and now they are ready to release their second album! 

This originally named band has an interesting way of infusing their music with melodies, metal and the raging spirit of rock with its guitar solos, and all this with a progressive touch.

Familiar atmospheres and vibes from the 80’s can be heard in their music as well, which come from a large quantity of keyboards in their songs.

The band has members from several known bands including To/Die/For, Burning Point, Antipope and Downstone.

DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION is a great, new kind of a modern sounding band where bold influences from the 80’s can be heard. This excellent metal palette is brilliantly brought forward with ’The Counterbalance’ debut album. The upcoming second album will continue on the same path!

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