Finnish melodic heavy rock band FRAIL has released their long awaited sophomore full length album “Stand by Me In the Storm”

PHOTO: Toni Rutanen

Gigs all over Europe, being one of the international export hopes in Finland in the 2000s, getting high on Finland’s official album chart and finally losing passion for the band’s musical dream due to setbacks and personal struggles. After all these experiences, Frail is ready to conquer hearts with their stirring American-influenced modern rock and personal descriptions of the pain and unfairness of the average person’s life.

Frail’s singer-songwriter Tarmo‘s closely seen and experienced struggles with addictions and mental health problems, the heavy adversities that came on his way, and the fear of losing his own child to a serious illness brought a chronic feeling of gloom and meaninglessness to his life, which eventually extinguished even the last glow of his passion for music.

For a decade, music was packed in a locked chest and put in a cold attic – even though its healing power was exactly what was needed. Now these moving experiences have been immortalized to help every Average Joe struggling with the same issues in life.

Frail’s new album “Stand by Me In the Storm” presents a collage of relatable stories, which are carried forward by strong and melodically rich compositions and broad vocal harmonies, while modern low-tuned rock monumentally knocks the souls of every listener.

The message of the album is crystallized in the name of the band – life is damn frail.

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