Finnish Heavy Metal band MOURNING WOOD released their debut EP “Fill Your Grave”

Finnish Heavy Metal band Mourning Wood released their debut EP «Fill Your Grave». The release was recorded/mixed by Mikko Hirvelä, and mastered by Juhana Itäkylä. Album cover by Teemu Räty.

Mourning Wood was formed in 2021 at Kainuu, Finland by Jussi Holopainen (Vocals), Eino-Akseli Koski (Guitars), Lari Lämpsä (Bass) and Hanna-Leena Lassila (Drums) after the disbanding of their previous band “Selvityksen Alla”. Their music has somber echoes of classic Finnish metal such as Sentenced, but the groups musical roots are also influenced by acts such as Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol and Type O Negative. 

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