Finnish heavy metal band COBRA 1981 releases their debut album next month – third single “Kuun kirkas valo” out now

PHOTO: Roosa Sippola

The Moon has given inspiration to poems, stories and songs throughout the ages. The light it reflects is more mysterious than sunlight and the shadows it creates are deeper and darker. The full moon is still a chapter in its own. Its echoes can unsettle the human mind and summon up nocturnal beasts. Cobra 1981‘s latest single Kuun kirkas valo (Bright Light of the Moon) is a traditional werewolf tale. The full moon makes the narrator thirsty to do things he might not want to do. However, as a counterforce, love can calm a restless mind.

Cobra 1981 comes from the Finnish countryside, where the darkness and silence are felt more strongly than in larger cities. The moonlight has a powerful effect on the landscape. So powerful, in fact, that it has inspired the band to write several moon-themed songs. The single has NWOBHM influences and a strong grip on their interpretation. After all, the songs were originally composed in the golden years of British heavy metal in the 1980s. 

Kuun kirkas valo is the band’s third single release and continues Cobra 1981’s long journey towards the dream of releasing an album. A dream that was awakened over forty years ago! The debut album “VOL1” will see the light of day on March 22. The singles Vanha kuoma and Yön salamat, which have been released so far, have attracted attention not only in Finland but also around the world, including Australia, Japan and South America.

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