Finnish Goth Rockers LAMORI Release New Single & Video “DARK MESSIAH”

Finnish goth rockers LAMORI have been forging their own path for over a decade now, creating their own neon-lit flavor of the genre.

DARK MESSIAH, the latest single from the upcoming album NEON BLOOD FIRE, is a strong and evocative track. It fuses elements of gothic rock and metal, with electronics and dark wave, producing a sound that is both heavy and ethereal. The song delves into the complex themes of desire and longing, and the yearning for something greater than oneself. It conveys the idea of an unquenched thirst for something powerful, intense, grand, and regal. It tells of a blind willingness to embrace danger and darkness. To face one’s own mortality as a final, desperate effort to restore what has been lost.

LAMORI is hailing from the Aland Islands of Finland. Formed in 2009, the lineup has remained unchanged. However, their sound continues to evolve with each release.

NEON BLOOD FIRE, the band’s fourth album to be released by Wormholedeath, will refine the soundscapes heard on the 2020 released NEO NOIR, but also introduce completely new elements to the mix. This album will have some of the heaviest LAMORI songs ever heard!

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