Finnish experimental metal band RED ELEVEN releases new single “Destination Unknown”

PHOTO: Panu Räsänen

Red Eleven continues to showcase their renewed sound by releasing the second single “Destination Unknown”. Heavy but smooth with a bunch of screaming vocals. Yet the song is clearly recognizable as a Red Eleven track. The lyrics describe the transience of life.

The writing for the new material took place during the pandemic, when Teemu Liekkala and Tony Kaikkonen started gathering more regularly to reflect what was next for Red Eleven. The motifs of the songs started coming together easily and the apocalyptic atmosphere of the pandemic set the mood right from the start. A pivotal role in the new sound of the band during the creative process was the fact that Teemu decided to drop his guitar to F-drop tuning. Riffs are therefore deeper than ever, but still catchy!

The music video is created by Arto Kettunen featuring dance artist Tuisku Talvikki.

I wanted to combine dance as an art form with a music video of a heavier section and play with contrasts. The end result is rough but sexy, just like Red Eleven”, says Kettunen. As for the song itself, the band describes it as a deeper presentation of the band’s renewed and heavier sound. There is more distorted vocals than before, but attention has also been paid to the softer sound.

RED ELEVEN is an experimental metal band from Finland. The band was founded in 2009 and since then the group has released four albums and one EP. RED ELEVEN has over 1 200 000 total streams on Spotify. The band has toured extensively every year since 2011 and has been an opening act for bands like Papa Roach, Evergray and Katatonia, just to name a few. When the pandemic hit, RED ELEVEN went into songwriting mode and started working on a new album.

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