Finnish Death Metallers CATABOLIC Release “The Onager” Lyric Video

“The Onager” is a track taken from CATABOLIC album ‘Besiege The Uncivil’, which is due for release on February 25th, 2022 via Wormholedeath.

Catabolic is a death metal band from Finland. The group consists of Il Mostro (lead vocals), Lenn Root (guitar), Alathfar (bass) and Toivonen(drums). Veterans of the metal scene, drawn together forming an invincible quartet of audial assault.
Catabolic played their very first show in 2011. Now after a dozen of shows, enthusiastic responses, line-up changes and the blood, sweat and beers, this death-driven quarted strives ahead. The new album Besiege The Uncivil, to be released on 2022, is a powerhouse testament to their undying passion. The album represents a broad variety of catchy hooks and explosive riffs performed with an energy to last for a lifetime. The new release is a multidimensional and contemporary manifestation of the relentless and hard working band dead set on destruction.

Catabolic is all about the setting the bar on music. From their early compilation works “Demonstrations” (2011) to most recent “Besiege The Uncivil” (2022) the band represents an ever-shifting pioneer spirit that’s scarce withing their genre. Their symbol, the wheel with scythe in the epicenter, pretty much says it all: “Once the warwagon’s rolling, get out of the way or get run over!”.

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