Finnish dark acoustic prog folk rock band NOBODY released a new single “Three Little Witches”

PHOTO: Petri Kokko

Finnish dark acoustic prog folk rock band Nobody released a new single Three Little Witches. The track is taken from the upcoming third album Another World which is set to be released on October 29th 2021 via Inverse Records.

Tuomas Kauppinen comments:
“The Three Little Witches are weaving the destinies of all living beings according to the unbreakable laws of Karma. You may plead them as much as you want but only your own choices about every moment of your existence can change the course of your lifeline. They may seem cruel and unjust, cutting and burning their way around the Great Wheel, but they do not work out of malice but necessity. Just as one cord is cut loose, it will again be reinserted among the spokes that slowly turn towards universal harmony.” 

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