Finnish blackened death metal band PROGENY OF SUN is set to release their debut album – first single and music video “Damsel” out now!

PHOTO: Niko Aromaa

Finnish blackened death metal band Progeny of Sun is set to release their long-awaited debut album ‘Throne of Desolation’ by the end of 2023. 

The band comments:
“We accidentally managed to compress the entire album’s setting into this song. Damsel consists of blasts, speed and aggression, all the while also containing melody, sensitivity and surprise. This is a miniature model of the album, the themes of which can be heard more extensively in the remaining 11 tracks. Joni doesn’t remember exactly how the song came about, but most likely the end result was created semi-accidentally. Two different parts happened to function together and ended up creating a strange cohesion.” 

In the beginning Progeny of Sun was a two-man band formed by Jaakko Hautamäki and Niko Aromaa. Jaakko was responsible for instrumentals, mixing and mastering, and Niko handled vocals, lyrics, media etc.

The songs Jaakko introduced were very versatile. Some had speed, some were slow, some painted a picture with their atmosphere, and some were more straightforward bangers. Despite the diversity in style everything worked exceptionally well in tandem and from this premise the band started to develop and pave its own way forward.

To start with, Progeny of Sun created a 6 song self-titled “EP” and discovered the music they do is met with great reception. They also found a very good publisher for the EP from Inverse Records. The EP itself was a mix of all kinds of subject matters the band likes to talk about. The duo behind the band did all the mixing, mastering, videos and artwork themselves. The project as a whole was very fun and rewarding to work with.

After the EP release Jaakko and Niko began to think that something more was still needed. They still had the burning desire to go and spread their music around the world but with 2 people it would’ve been impossible.

Subsequently Jaakko found 2 guys who were local musicians around the Seinäjoki area: Joni Kiviniemi (guitar) and Juha Peura (drums). Joni and Juha were at first taken on board just to offer vision and play their assigned instrument for new material. Soon however it began to feel like they are a part of the family, and so it was decided that they will be full-fledged members in the squad and become a part of the band’s story. Not long after Tuomo Tolkki (bass) was also welcomed to join in, so in a matter of few months the full line up was formed.

The first release with the full line up, a 3 track EP ‘Dark Wanderer’, was released in 2021. Next in line were single releases ‘Worthless’ and ‘Anguish’ which were released in 2022. Thanks to the aforementioned experimental phase, Progeny of Sun has gained self-confidence and started to understand its own identity. The band has been working hard on the debut album ‘Throne of Desolation’, which will be released by the end of 2023. The title is a reference to someone or something that terrorizes the existence of life in multiple forms when given authority.

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