Female Fronted Prog. Metal Discovery ANTIPOD Drops “Nouvelle ere”

ANTIPOD, the acclaimed female-fronted progressive metal ensemble, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest lyric video, “Nouvelle Ere.” The track serves as an emblematic glimpse into their upcoming album, “Eveil,” set to be released worldwide on September 8th, 2023 through Wormholedeath.

The lyric video for “Nouvelle Ere” showcases ANTIPOD’s signature fusion of powerful melodies, intricate instrumentals, and thought-provoking lyrics. The song explores the turmoil of progress and the blinding pursuit of profit, reminding us of the precarious state of humanity’s existence. With a foreboding atmosphere that seeps into our very beings, the lyrics question the enigmatic undercurrents of this new era and ponder the fate that awaits our planet. They raise poignant concerns about finding hope amidst futility while encouraging listeners to rediscover the true meaning of our existence and safeguard the Earth we call home.

The captivating visuals and creative direction of the “Nouvelle Ere” lyric video are credited to Volume Agency.

Antipod initially began as a solo project called Mythrillium, led by Sebastien who composed music without any specific expectations. After sharing his creations with musician friends, they encouraged him to record tracks in a studio. Steven Segarra, the creator and guitarist of “Wedingoth,” was contacted to assist with recording, contributing most of the guitar and bass lines due to his multi-instrumentalist abilities. Several guest musicians were invited to participate in the album, including Steven Segarra, Julien LAGNIER, Fabien LACROIX, and Stéphane MONSÉRRAT.
Over time, there have been lineup changes, with notable additions including Jemina on vocals, the official role of Stéphane, and Élias on guitar, while Gregory departed for personal reasons and was replaced by Aurelien on drums.

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