Estonia’s fiercest thrash band “Tankist” to visit Latvia and Lithuania

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The most technical and provocative Estonian thrash metal band Tankist will visit Latvia and Lithuania in the beginning of September. Riga’s club DEPO will witness the havoc on September 7th and a day later, total mayhem will reach club LEMMY of Kaunas. Intrepid (death metal, Estonia) and Terror Activator (thrash metal, Latvia) will share the road.

Tankist will step up their game with a new setlist that consists mostly of songs from their full length album “Unhuman”, of which a local underground guru and label Trash Can Dance said: “surely one of the best Estonian music releases in 2017.”


The album has also gathered a lot of positive feedback from reviewers all over the world for its relentlessness and diverse songwriting. For example, one reviewer from the Philippines states: “Every track here is tight, and each is packed to the brim with memorable riffs that’ll never let the audiences get bored. The guitar riffs present in here are very intense.” Another one from Canada comments: “What’s most impressive though is the fact none of the tracks are repetitive – not an easy feat when it comes to thrash. The twin guitars and polymorphic battery eschew cookie cut patterns while allowing for repeated listens thanks to all the little nuances and derivative tangents within.”

07 Sept – DEPO, Riga, Latvia

08 Sept – LEMMY, Kaunas, Lithuania

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