ESOTERIC Kick off Australian tour!

Dark experimental doom band ESOTERIC have recently announced a new Australian tour, and is now finally kicking off! The ‘Maniacal Pyrrhonism’ tour will start at the Brightside venue in Brisbane, followed by 4 more dates throughout the country!

ESOTERIC comment on the trek: “We are hugely looking forward to decimating stages on our tour of Australia, along with  and are currently preparing an extended set of 90 minutes for each show, featuring songs from across various albums in the bands’ history

Released in 2008, ‘The Maniacal Vale’ proved to be the bands most ambitious and successful album to date, simultaneously honouring the chaos of the earlier releases whilst expanding into territory that at first glance may seem at odds with the bands ethos, yet has always lurked within their compositions – namely, a sense a melody and grandeur. Having been hinted at on previous albums, this side of the band was fully realized. This was followed in 2011 by ‘Paragon of Dissonance’, an album equal to its predecessor in compositional scope and ambition.

2019 will see the release of the bands seventh opus, ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’, 98 minutes of new material that once again expands on the band’s sound, yet retains elements of all their preceding works. It is a culmination of 27 years of uncompromising dedication to their craft – detailed and layered compositions and a high level of musicianship, foreboding production, and equal measures of utter darkness and melodic diversity.

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