Dutch Rockers DOWNTOWN DISTRICT Release Their Full Album “Pressure”

Downtown District’s new studio album PRESSURE is out now! This album is the most diverse addition to their discography yet, fittingly centered around the pressure the band experiences in their search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the music industry. Subjects such as rejection, narcissism, favoritism, and the huge impact of the make-believe reality that social media creates get addressed. This happens in a powerful blend of punk, ska, and post-hardcore and gets shoved down your throat. Throughout the record the band also experiments with heavy breakdowns, samples and even a brass section.

Downtown District is a young, re-inventive punk rock band from the Netherlands.

Since its formation, the band has successfully re-invented the 90s skatepunk sound while breaking down the walls between genres such as post-hardcore, drum ‘n’ bass, and ska. All this happens in powerful, eccentric live shows that are full of fast drums, sharp riffs, bold lyrics, and a shitload of enthusiasm and energy. The 2018 self titled debut album has put the band (inter)nationally on the map. The song Anti-Social Syndrome was used in a video by YouTuber Colin Furze, which has received millions of views to date. This resulted in thousands of streams and hundreds of steady listeners worldwide. Emerging from DIY-venues, backyards and pubs to cemented stages such as Paradiso Amsterdam and festivals like AttitudeFest, Rauwkost and Garage Sounds NL, also from winning the ‘Nobel Award’ 2018 to live performances at radio station 3FM, Downtown District has done it all and is not planning on stopping anytime soon.

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