Devilstone 2023 Unveils Running Order

Devilstone, the alternative music and arts festival opening the gates next week in Anykščiai (Lithuania) on July 13.

The festival’s 13th edition will grace the scenic Dainuva Valley on July 13–14–15–16 and promises a captivating amalgamation of musical discoveries and artistic encounters. Drawing a vibrant crowd of alternative culture enthusiasts from Lithuania and neighboring countries, Devilstone 2023 is set to be a four-day oasis of enchanting performances.

With a lineup featuring 58 exceptional artists from 18 countries, the festival will showcase an eclectic range of genres, offering a rich tapestry of musical experiences.

From the dark depths of Scandinavian black metal to the mesmerizing sounds of Japanese krautrock, and from the haunting allure of French electronica to the progressive melodies from the Baltics – Devilstone’s four stages are poised to immerse attendees in rare and niche musical realms.

The West stage, known as the Festival’s metal mecca, will reverberate with the thunderous sound of Finnish melodic death metal masters, Insomnium. Joining them will be the Austrian outcasts of the metal scene, Belphegor, the gothic vampires from Portugal, Moonspell, and the Scandinavian black metal gem, NORDJEVEL.

On the EAST STAGE, attendees can expect a mesmerizing audiovisual performance by Carpenter Brut, renowned for their unique sound reminiscent of 80s horror films. Americans Drug Church will deliver an authentic dose of alternative rock, while Minami Deutsch / 南ドイツ from Japan will enter the audience with hypnotic rhythms seldom heard in the realm of krautrock. Don’t miss the witty British Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, rocking the stage with massive guitars, dynamic melodies and unstoppable vocalist moves.

The BARBALU STAGE, known for its eclectic and intricate offerings, will feature the punk rock, hip-hop, and grimes music fusion of BOB VYLAN, captivating audiences with their strong presence.

Prepare yourself for the dark and gloomy melodies of the mystical British duo SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS, the cold wave and post-punk stylings of French duo Minuit Machine, and the Belgian band ULTRA SUNN, whose music steeps deeply in Gothic aesthetics.

The MIRAGES STAGE curated by Kablys Club, will cater to the nocturnal souls. Don‘t miss the nostalgic techno sounds from Norway served by MRD, the unique blend of human sensitivity by ZANIAS from Germany, the exploration of the retrowave by KENDAL from France, and the sonic offerings of 11 talented Lithuanian DJs who will keep the dance floor packed until break of day.

The musical part of the festival will be complemented by a versatile artistic program and activities engaging the festival participants. The Mass Hypnosis arts stage will host pole art performances, Shibari art demonstration, poetry slam, body art and other performances, nightly movie screenings, and a body painting salon. Many opportunities not only to be observers, but also to join in the active action: the exclusive invention of Devilstone MC Growl, football, volleyball, chess championships, games, musical brainstorming Galvūzai – there will be activities for festival visitors both day and night.

Renowned as a haven for extreme rock ‘n’ roll, music, and arts, Devilstone welcomes enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable journey of musical discoveries, artistic immersions, and unparalleled festival experiences. Don’t miss out on this remarkable event July 13th – 16th in Anykščiai.

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