DEMATERIALIZE release single “Ghost”

After a long wait, the Illinoise natives bring us their new Single “Ghost” via the Space Untravel Youtube Channel revealing the band’s complex progressive songwriting skills alike Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris and After the Burial.

There is a dark technical aspect to the band that is consistently displayed throughout their writing, To further solidify the virtuosic and experimental compositional talents executed within their music you would have to take a listen for yourself. The quartet combines Discontent melodies with hard hitting breakdowns that are sure to turn heads.

DEMATERIALIZE is a ChicagoIllinois-based quartet consisting of Stephen Jinga (vocals), Craig Hoffman (guitar), Jeremy Verbin (guitar), and Bryce Tollner (drums). The group released their djenty metalcore/deathcore debut EP last year, which made use of relentless chugs, melody sweeps, and atmospheric keys to mercilessly pound the listener into submission.

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