DARKNESS IS MY CANVAS pays tribute to the progressive rock of the ’70s with their new single “Inverted!”

PHOTO: Santtu Särkäs

Finnish Helsinki-based progressive melodic rock band Darkness Is My Canvas is set to release their new EP ‘White Noise’ later in 2023 via Inverse Records. 

LISTEN Inverted on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/dimc-inverted

The band comments:

Musically, Inverted is DIMC’s tribute to the progressive rock of the ’70s, topped with elements from the EMO bands of the 2010s. Melody-wise, this song is one of our most versatile ones, and the audience just can’t get enough of it during our live performances.

The lyrics are about insomnia and what lack of sleep does to a person. We’ve always been interested in making songs in different ways and trying different approaches. With Inverted, the audience can hear a marriage between Jethro Tull and My Chemical Romance. The guitar solo is epic, of course, and during the solo, we even step onto Jazz’s toes. We’ve always thought that creatively “nothing is too much” for us, as we want to do this from our perspective and desire.”

Darkness Is My Canvas (DIMC) was founded in Helsinki in 2017. The band plays melodic rock combined with progressive elements, stylistically influenced by bands such as MuseQueenPink FloydLeprous, and on occasion also Porcupine Tree and My Chemical Romance. Their catchy melodies have many musical hooks, and the band likes to throw curve balls at the audience by changing time and style mid-song – and they do this completely intentionally. The imaginative sound of DIMC wells up from the melody-rich guitar playing of Panu and the voice of Pete, who, some say, sounds like the young David Bowie.

All the songs of DIMC come from the mind and pen of Pete and Panu, who are also the “founding fathers” of the band. They also play all the other instruments in the studio beside the drums, which are trusted to some of the top drummers in Finland. The mastering is done by none other than Grammy Award winner Nicolas Fournier (LA) who’s had his hands on many recordings by many of the band’s idols (MuseLinkin ParkAdam Lambert, etc.).

DIMC was founded on what was left from the previous band of multi-instrumentalist Panu and lead singer/guitarist Pete. It was called May:Day, and it represented some sort of an amalgamation of Finnish progressive rock of the 70s and more modern Finnish rock music. Should someone want to listen to their album “I”, they will find it by digging through the Internet, as it has not been officially released. DIMC needed to distinguish themselves from the previous band as they changed their language from Finnish to English and their style became more nuanced.

To date, DIMC has released one EP called “Monsters” and one single called “The Game”. Also couple of singles ‘Fade Into The White Noise’ & Drown is released from the upcoming White Noise EP. Their songs have been listened quite nicely from streaming services such as Spotify, in which the counter reached 160 000 this July.

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