Czech’s Death Metallers SCABBARD re-release Demo and 2 Albums through Awakening Records

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SCABBARD was formed in April 1992 after the bands’ INVAR and BASTARD split up. Up the members are Alex (Bass&Vocals), George (Drums), Paul (Guitars), Libor (Guitars). The style is directed to Death/Thrash metal. Which is also the main theme of debut demo Soudnj, den (Judgement Day). After the first live shows SCABBARD slowly starts to belong among the more well known Czech bands. In 1993 was born second 7 track demo Nonsense War and in 1994 a demo Better to Die. Both demos met with positive acceptance by fans as well as zines and magazines in the world. There are great reviews and some songs appear on different compilations.

In 1995 Petr Vavrik joined the band and besides singing, he also managed to play the keyboards. In 1996, SCABBARD released his first full-length album Beginning of Extinction on the label Deathvastation Productions. SCABBARD began touring in various states of Europe, for example, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia. In addition to many concerts, they also tour with VADER, DESTRUCTION, KRABATHOR.

In 1998, the band lost a rehearsal room and almost all equipment during the great floods. During the renewal of the equipment and rehearsal space, the singer Petr leaves the band. The singer is now Alex, who plays concerts in addition to bass, also plays the keyboard.

In 1999 the band recorded the second full-length album Extended Mirror and released it on Sheer records. Due to health problems of guitarist Pavel (who soon dies of cancer), the band is limiting their concert activities and disintegrates.

For fans of Hypocrisy and Obscenity. All three releases will be released on Awakening Records. The label is working at the official rerelease date during the CONVID19 crisis. Also the SCABBARD is working on a new full length Evil Realm. They have released the first John Wayne Gacy song as a video.

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