CROSSED HANDS release video for “Nxt10”

Frech quartet released today their first single of 2020, “Nxt10“. Its accompanied by a music video, premiering now on Dreambound.

Taking inspiration from bands such as Casey and Counterparts, Crossed Hands have found their very own niche in blending atmospheric passages, ambient guitars and gut-wrenching vocals and lyrics that fall right into step with any fan of Melodic Hardcore. The Melodic Hardcore that moves you, that sticks with you, and that sometimes hits a little too close to home.

Vocalist Clement opened up about the very personal and heartfelt track: ” It’s about the difficulty of being human in a fast-paced world. When we think there’s only one way to live, and that is to follow, we tend to forget that we fight for the same cause, that we’re all on the same ship. This song marks a new style of writing for us that we plan to explore further in our next release”.

You can stream or purchase “Nxt10” here.

Crossed Hands is a 4-piece Melodic Hardcore band founded in Paris in 2016. The band released its debut EP “Take Each Day As A Lesson” shortly after its inception, and has spent the following years honing in on their sound with multiple singles, showcasing a blend of heartfelt lyrics and ambient tones that have been slowly but surely captivating fans one listen at a time.
The band has shared the stage with other French acts such as Betraying the Martyrs, NAKHT, My Ink Leads Fools along with international ones as well, such as Lock & Key.
The band officially announced their joining with “Famined Records” releasing their new single called “Nxt10” in 2020, which will then be followed by their first full length in 2021.
Their music depicts desperate energy, fractures, lacks and neuroses of our sometimes corrosive relationships, revealing all the complexity of our beings.
“Crossed Hands” is a balance, the tight mix between mind and body.

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