Cinematic Symphonic Metal Maestro MAX ENIX Unveils “City of Mortals” Music Video

Renowned visionary metal composer Max Enix has once again pushed the boundaries of musical innovation with the release of his latest video clip, “City of Mortals,” a captivating track from his double album “Far From Home,” released via Wormholedeath

In “City of Mortals,” Max Enix fearlessly tackles themes of corruption, oppression, and the relentless pursuit of power at the expense of others. The song resonates with listeners, urging them to reject exploitation, tyranny, and falsehoods that plague our world. It captures the longing for a return to values, unity, and a brighter future, inspiring rebellion against these injustices.

“Far From Home” is a genre-blending masterpiece that combines progressive-symphonic-post rock/metal with film score elements, infused with world/New Age, hip hop, jazz, and avant-garde influences, resulting in a truly unique and unprecedented sound. Inspired by Max Enix’s personal voyage of self-discovery and exploration of diverse musical genres and cultures, the album showcases the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and guest musicians such as Vikram Shankar on piano/keyboards and Xavier Boscher on guitars. The expertly crafted production includes mixing by David Castillo at Studio Grondahl in Stockholm, Sweden, and mastering by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden. The album’s visual aesthetic is brought to life through Thomas Ewerhard’s illustrations and artwork. Max Enix’s music is an enchanting journey of self-discovery and exploration of diverse musical genres and cultures. His compositions not only captivate with their originality and innovation but also appeal to fans of various artists, including Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, and Hans Zimmer. Max Enix possesses a unique universe that transcends music and language, captivating audiences worldwide.

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