Chile’s Thrashers PARKCREST release album “…and That Blue Will Turn to Red”

Formed in 2012, PARKCREST is a Thrash Metal band from Peñaflor, Chile. These tormented souls’ compositions are both aggressive and melodic, leading you through a psychological journey of no return.

On their sophomore album, the Chilean Thrash maniacs’ sound has mutated into a more progressive, accelerated, and aggressive sonic punch. Amalgamating KREATOR’s and DARK ANGEL’s raw, savage speed with ANACRUSIS’ brute force musicality, …and That Blue Will Turn to Red is one head-banging, fist-pumping psychological journey. Wielding a new lyrical methodology, PARKCEST on …and That Blue Will Turn to Red discusses hate, resentment, and mental and emotional crisis. Filled with heart-wrenching instrumental pieces, frenetic choruses, punishing percussion and soaring solos. This album is best consumed at maximum volume!

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