Chile’s blackened thrashers MAYHEMIC release 7 Vinyl “Mortuary of Skeletons”

Concealed in the desolate lands beyond the gates of hell, Mayhemic’s demonic cacophony of Black Thrash has emerged. Hailing from Chile, the demonic quartet provides an offering of power and darkness that is reminiscent of old school Teutonic Thrash Metal, but faster and more obscure.

Mortuary Feast of Skeletons is the second work of the Chilean Blackened Thrash Metal horde Mayhemic. Faster and dark than their first demo, Mortuary Feast of Skeletons is your worst nightmare. 4 songs that talk about death, destruction, and violence with a satanic vibe. Influenced by the old Teutonic thrash metal gems but with South American hate.

Mortuary Feast of Skeletons was released on Awakening Records on August 28th.

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