Carneficina premiere Music Video for “Somniphobic”

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Born in the California bay area, we all grew up listening to bay area thrash. Weather it was Metallica, Exodus, Testament or whatever vinyl our family members had; we had a great fascination with heavy metal. As we all grew older, we all approached music in our own ways. However in 2013 we came together under one roof and began the early stages of who and what we are today. Since then we have released an EP in 2017 titled “Pyres of the Slaughtered” and have two supporting music videos for “Venom” and “Your Fate.”

Carneficina – literally translating from Italian, means carnage. That is what we plan to bring to you both in our recordings and our shows. We love the heavy music we create and want to spread it as far and long as we can.

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