Canada’s THE MYOPIA CONDITION will be unleashing their debut album “Event Horizon” this October

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Canada’s The Myopia Condition will be unleashing their debut album “Event Horizon” this October. Featuring elegant grooves mashed together with blast beats and double kicks, along with guitar leads that sing like birds, the record is full of energy from front to back; even the soft bits are heavy. It’s a very real and genuine full length both lyrically and musically along with hints of goofy amongst. The Myopia Condition doesn’t take life too seriously, but they pour passion into their music.

We believe people will really dig the album. Especially our local metal family. We always hear good things after we play our local shows. (which we miss immensely) And I think they will appreciate finally having some of our stuff to play outside of live shows. As far as possible new fans? If they enjoy metal, I think they will be pleasantly surprised with something fresh and new.”

Recommended for fans of Death, Gojira, and Beyond Creation, “Event Horizon” will be available on October 16th, 2020 on digital sales platforms

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