Canada’s THE BLOOD OF CHRIST Have A New Video For “Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1”

Hailing from London, Ontario, The Blood of Christ has recently released a split “Eastern Beast ~ Western Wolf” with Japan’s Vomit Remnants. They have a new lyric video for the track “Forgotten Divinity Chapter 1”

This track is an old school The Blood of Christ song from 1998 that was resurrected and filled with new life. Musically, it has a very chaotic feel to it with rhythm changes and an auditory assault of riffs. Lyrically, it is about the divinity returning home to his clan after many years of hiatus. The Blood of Christ shares their inspiration behind their art:

“We are inspired by human emotions, historical events, astrology, ancient wars, stuff like that and we try to depict our themes in a dark, poetic manner. Quite often, we avoid the cliché death metal subject matter and also avoid any form of hate in our lyrics because we want people from all walks of life to enjoy our art and craft. Musically speaking, we are inspired by the love of making music and passion for our own instruments. It all comes from within.”

“Eastern Beast ~ Western Wolf'” was fostered into existence by Jeff Longo (guitar) and Keisuke Tsuboi (VR drummer) back in 2017 however scheduling conflicts prevented it from happening until 2020. This split features the debut of the new lineup of Jason Longo (drums), Jeff Longo (guitar) and Hank Bielanski (bass/vocals).

The evolution of The Blood Of Christ has been a natural journey that began rooted in straight-up death-grind metal, and sometime around 1995, they added dark elements from black metal and doom. The songs became epic with varied time signatures and tempo changes, often shifting from chugging death metal riffs to droning black metal riffs in the blink of an eye – and incorporated more vocal styles than the average death metal band would. 

Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Dissection, “Eastern Beast – Western Wolf” is available on CDN Records.

Canadian Epic Dark Metal band The Blood of Christ (aka Blood of Christ) began their career in the early ’90s, making a blackened death metal hybrid that sounded similar to a mashup of Carcass and Enslaved. They kept this style throughout their first two albums, but started to tweak it on their third full-length album, 2003’s “Breeding Chaos”. The Blood of Christ’s brooding, unique and crushing sound has made fans out of underground metal lovers from many genres, creating an appeal that defies genre borders.

On their second release through CDN Records, the London trio has crafted their most focused and creative effort yet with 7 numbers of Epic Dark Metal dexterity and power. Fiends whom were raised on the sheer brutality and boundary-smashing efforts of Morbid Angel, or the pioneering and challenging progressive grind-core of Liverpudlian innovators Carcass, the epic and majestic sounds of Viking artisans Enslaved or even the groove-laden proto-death of Brazilian legends Sepultura will find something rousing and engulfing within The Blood of Christ. All of these influences and components meet head-on and shatter the boundaries of conventional arrangements and ultimately take the listener away to territory similarly explored by none before.

While their influences favored the shocking approach with lyrical themes that were rampant with Gore, Satanism and often-abhorrent imagery, The Blood of Christ chose to focus on more abstract and poetic subject matter. Their songs are often rife with human suffering, lust and longing, time travel, astrology, historic battles and the human struggle for personal freedom. A sincerely dark and often poetic way of not being afraid to expose the innards of human suffering, and relate to the misery from the destructive, self-promotion of humanity with unique vocals that sound as if purveyed by a raging beast – all of which is set to a brutal and epic soundtrack.

The Blood of Christ was formed in London, Ontario, in 1994, their lineup composed of avid metal scenesters: guitarist Jeff Longo, bassist Marek Kopala, drummer Jason Longo and vocalist Jason Deaville. Musically, at that time they were closest to Cannibal Corpse, although other metal bands like Morbid Angel, Samael, Kataklysm and Carcass played a role in their sound.

A 1995 demo (that saw a shift in style to what is now their own blend of death and black metal) helped the band secure a deal with Pulverizer Records, which released their debut album, “…a Dream to Remember” in 1997. A strong underground following began to build behind the group with albums like 1997’s “…a Dream to Remember” and 2002’s “As the Rain Gently falls”. Vocalist Conan Bulani, who joined the group in time to appear on the band’s debut album, sadly passed away in 2011. The Blood of Christ is now fronted by Ontario underground-metal veteran Hank Bielanski on bass & vocals.

The release of “Eastern Beast – Western Wolf”, a split CD & Cassette with Japanese hyper-groove masters Vomit Remnants on CDN Records in late 2020 will see the debut of Hank’s beastly craft with The Blood of Christ. The Blood of Christ is the embodiment of an Epic Dark Metal craft that in it of itself is limitless with possibility.

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