BENIGHTED announce new tour dates for October

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Extreme French band BENIGHTED are now announcing the new and updated ‘Obscene Repressed’tour dates which will kick off this in October 2020. The band were, like many others, forced to cancel their previously announced tourdates, including athe Hellfest Warm-up tour which would take place this month. A full list of updated and confirmed shows can be found below!

Vocalist Julien Truchan comments: “After the huge frustration about ccancelation of our “Hellfest Warm Up Tour” and all these great summer festivals being cancelled, we are now happy to announce the new “Obscene Repressed Tour”. If this fucking Covid allows it, we will soon have the occasion to party together twice as hard and show you how the tracks of our new album sounds live. We are so impatient to spill our guts on stage and see you all. France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Norway… Stay fucking sick with brutal live music!”

Kevin Paradis comments on the video: “On Benighted’s new album “Obscene Repressed”, I’ve done my best to mix all my influences together to create the best drum beats and fills possible for the guitar riffing. ‘Muzzle’ is an example of what I’ve tried to do, from the jazzy “chabada” to blast beats, you’ll find many different drumming in just one song. Hope you’ll enjoy”

The album can still be ordered HERE.

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