Belarusian Symphonic/Gothic Metal band BELLE MORTE released a music video for their single “Lace”

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Belarusian Symphonic/Gothic Metal band Belle Morte released a music video for their December single “Lace”. The track was recorded at “Ivory Studio” and mixed/mastered by Sergei Butovski. Lace is a dark lullaby. It’s about broken things that can’t be fixed. It’s about the choices that can’t be unmade. And it’s about inevitability of death to all beautiful.

Belle Morte was formed in Minsk in 2015. The first band’s EP “Game on” was released in 2018 together with their first music video “Mercy”. “Lace” and previous singles “To Get Her” and “My Legacy” are going to be a part of the debut album, that is expected to be released in 2020.

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