Beijing’s Thrash metal band “ANCESTOR” release debut album “Lords of Destiny”

PHOTO: "Ancestor"
PHOTO: "Ancestor"

In the beginning of 2018, ANCESTOR began to bring out their first full-length album under Awakening Records. This album has now been released and the lads are on an extensive Asia tour.

As a bit of background: Beijing’s thrash force ANCESTOR is considered to be one of the first Chinese old school Thrash Metal bands. Under the influence KREATOR, PROTECTOR, SODOM and other underground legends of the Teutonic Thrash Metal scene, the four-piece have been making violent underground sound since 2007. Due to unstable line-up in the early days the lads have only managed to release their debut EP in 2017. The five-tracker under the title Age of Overload is a pure underground killer. It is brutal, energetic and violent while being musical. The darkness and the artistic seriousness of the EP reminds people of the early 80s, when the European thrash metal scene began to thrive. But this is happening in Beijing, China, in the 21st Century.

ANCESTOR plays up-tempo Thrash Metal. Their music is aggressive in their own way. In spite of their old school song-writing they have a quite unique production, which makes their music sounding quite neat. After their release of the first album, they have made a big tour in and around China. ANCESTOR has been shared stage with ASSASSIN, ARTILLERY, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, ONSLAUGHT, RAGE, WOLF SPIDER, etc.

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