Australian Blackened Thrash/Death Metallers IDLE RUIN Release an Extended Version of Their Debut Album “The Fell Tyrant”

“The Fell Tyrant” is the debut full-length from death metal/blackened thrash three-piece IDLE RUIN, released by Bitter Loss Records. Comprising nine songs, “The Fell Tyrant” follows on from Idle Ruin’s 2020 self-titled EP and 2022’s MALEFACTORS split EP with Germany’s Boundless Chaos.

The Fell Tyrant was produced by Brendan Pip Auld (DESCENT, RESIN TOMB) and mastered by Dav Byrne (SHATTER BRAIN, ISUA) with artwork by Jon Weber (FECULENT).

The album’s title is a reference to the early days of Idle Ruin’s hometown of Brisbane when it was a prison settlement. The worst of the worst convicts were sent to the Brisbane colony, which was run by its infamously barbaric commandant Patrick Logan. His reign was eventually cut short when he was murdered by Indigenous Australians while wandering through the Australian forest. The album artwork depicts Logan entering hell with the souls of the prisoners coming for him.

Now halfway into 2023, IDLE RUIN are releasing an extended version of “The Fell Tyrant” for European audiences with an 8-track bonus disc of live material. This extended edition will be available for European fans of the band to purchase from their Bandcamp page.

Drummer-vocalist Liam Anthony says about the extended album: “Our European fans won’t have to worry about those expensive shipping costs from Australia, plus they get some extra music.”
Coinciding with this extended release of “The Fell Tyrant” is a promo video for the track “Cult of Dominion”. The video was filmed at Idle Ruin’s last Australian show and includes a few amusing bits and pieces from their 2022 and 2023 tours.

Liam adds: “A lot of our lyrics are about serious stuff, Cult of Dominion not so much. It’s about getting on the beers after quitting a shit job… that moment of reckless joy you have before you need to figure out what to do next!”

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