American Heavy Metal band LYONEN released their new album “This is Lyonen”

American Heavy Metal band Lyonen released their new album «This is Lyonen». The album was recorded by Jhander Orihuela and produced/mixed and mastered by Tato Rivas.

Lyonen was formed in 2017 at Silver Spring, Maryland as a “one-man band” by Tato Rivas, which produces music in the forms of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and Rock. His profound influence in metal icons like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween, Joe Satriani, Stratovarius, and much more motivated him to hold his position gracefully as a Guitarist, Music Producer, Composer, and Audio Engineer for his band. Inspired by his life experiences and energy, Tato Rivas seeks to create music that will connect and inspire people worldwide.

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