Alternative Goth Rockers TERROR PARADE Dive Into The Dark World With New Single “Freak”

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Heavy alternative goth rockers Terror Parade are back with new music in the form of their latest track “Freak“. The track is a heavy rocking piece that encapsulates the band’s core sound and overall theme touching on the darker sides of life. The new single follows their previous releases “Revolution” & “Burn This City” which came out last year and received attention from media including Heavy Mag, Music Nation and more.

On the track itself, Terror Parade comments: “Get ready to dive into the captivating world of kinks and fantasies with ‘Freak,’ our fiery rock masterpiece. An unapologetic sonic journey that pushes boundaries, both musically and visually. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled rock experience that challenges conventions and celebrates individuality and challenges societal norms.”

Down a dark, seedy alleyway, in an underground basement hidden away from prying eyes, lies a haven for pleasure-seekers known as the Freaks.
It’s a place where you can freely explore your guilty pleasures, without fear of judgment or scrutiny.
Join Terror Parade on a captivating journey that delves into the realms of pleasure and pain, where bondage and domination intertwine, creating a world only the bold dare to explore. We all harbor our inner Freaks, but some choose to embrace their darker side while others repress their true inhibitions.

As the mood sets in, Madman’s addictive power hits you square between the eyes, setting the stage for what’s about to unfold. Thunderous drums fill the background, creating a stadium-like atmosphere, while the bass and full drums find their groove and ignite the rhythm.
Nightwalker and Silencer seamlessly combine their talents, finding the perfect pocket within the verses, while the commanding presence of the Queen of Darkness, Zichxyna, takes control and captures your attention from the very start. She reigns as the Master of your destiny, making it clear that you’re here to experience everything she has in store. Her controlled yet seductive vocals leave no room for compromise within this dungeon, and she reminds us that we’re all the same, encouraging us to relax and enjoy the ride.
The crescendo arrives with an anthemic chorus, chanting “Freak, Freak, we are all the same,” creating an addictive and inclusive atmosphere. The band effortlessly slides back into the groove for the next verse, with Zichxyna’s vocals gaining even more control and command. A perfectly placed middle section oozes seduction as Zichxyna leads you into a deceptive reality. Her persuasive yet sinister delivery assures you that it’s okay to embrace your Freakish nature, assuring you that we’re all the same—just trust her, and everything will be alright. Your secrets are safe with the Mistress.
The anthem chorus returns, uniting all the Freaks, culminating in Zichxyna’s final whispered words, “Freak, Freak, just like me.”

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