Finnish blackened technical death metal band ULTERROR has released their debut album

PHOTO: Ville Moilanen
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Transcendent Origins is a loose concept album that tells the story of a distant and fictitious future of mankind. The album does not necessarily have a singular, unifying theme. This can be seen both in the album’s lyrics and overall soundscape.  

The lyrics contain discussion about transhumanism and the relationship between man and machine. The tracks consist of varying styles of metal music because they are primarily composed to match the lyrics and their themes. In other words, the overall soundscape of the album includes different kinds of musical styles to better serve the lyrical contents and themes of each track.
During the album’s creation, close co-operation with the mixer (A. Valtanen) resulted in a comprehensive and well-rounded whole, especially regarding the final overall soundscape. Some of the tracks were composed to fit a more heavy profile, similar to modern metal music. Conversely, other tracks were composed with a more melodical approach to better reflect, for instance, optimistic or proud lyrical themes.
Since the tracks are primarily composed by the two guitarists (Leinonen & Kinnunen), many tracks are quite riff-heavy. Despite that, everyone in the band got to voice their opinions during the composition of the album and few ideas were outright dismissed. You could say that Transcendent Origins is an album that really matches its creators.

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