DISTORTA sign with WormholeDeath Records for the release of their Debut EP – “A Devil in the Dust”

Distorta, a powerful heavy metal band hailing from Ballarat, Australia, are excited to announce they have signed a deal with WormholeDeath Records to release and promote their debut EP – A Devil in the Dust. The EP was produced, recorded, and mixed entirely by the band themselves, taking a hands-on approach to generate a sound and feel that aims to replicate the power and energy of their live performances.

The five songs on the EP incorporate a wide range of metal styles and influences that have impacted the five band members over the years. Several recent positive EP reviews have described Distorta’s sound as having elements of Groove, Death, Power, and Thrash Metal blended into the songs, with one reviewer stating:

“The overall sound is quite mixed in the best possible way. A few pressers and reviews go on about heavy metal, but this is solid groove-based death thrash with definitely some metalcore vibes. But the better elements of all these styles are utilized to make the confident and competent style shine.” – (Devil Horns Zine, 2023)

With the reviewers comparing the sound with the likes of Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Parkway Drive, and Lamb of God among others, there is something for everyone on this EP.

A Devil in the Dust EP focuses on a few core themes that, unfortunately, are very relevant to the world today – War, Mental Health, and Addiction. The opening track Tomorrow People is an apocalyptic look into the future and the need for people to fight for freedom. The title track of the EP, Devil in the Dust, focuses on the mental struggles of a returned war veteran and the battle to survive at home and in society. Chasing Shadows is written from the point of view of an addictive drug speaking to and mocking an addict. Bones is about a couple in a car accident caused by someone else and the husbands wish to get vengeance before he dies. The final track, Suffocate, focuses on a recovered drug addict trying to resist the temptation to do it again and the mental struggle in his own head.

istorta was originally formed by James Bogers (Guitar/Vocals) and Chris Hanrahan (Drums) in 2015 with Dave Prodanovic (Bass) joining the band soon after. With several other guitarists and singers rotating through the band, the current lineup was solidified in 2022 with the addition of Dom Davey (Guitar/Vocals) and Dimitry Keremetskiy (Lead Vocals).

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