Metal United World Wide Latvia, Riga: Interview with Agrita Damarovska („THP Production”)

Agrita Damarovska
Agrita Damarovska
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How did you get into metal?

I began to listen to metal at the end of 80’s, starting from klausoties METALLICA, AC/DC, WARLOCK, WHITESNAKE and many other bands

How did you get into organising shows?

THP Production was created to help young Latvian bands to organize gigs and tours across Baltics. Right now our agency is offering band management services to local bands, also we are organizing gigs and tours for local and foreign rock & metal bands.

How long have you been organiser? 

THP Production was created in January 2017. We are organizing shows and tours for a bit more than a year.

Which were your highlights?

Considering that our agency is mostly working with young metal bands, the most joy it is to see their growth, when a small band grows from small coal to a shiny diamond.

What is your motivation to participate in Metal United World Wide?

We have a lot of talanted bands in Latvia, and we want to show them to the world! This is a really great experience both for us and the bands! And of course it would be very interesting to see and listen so many rock and metal bands from different countries of the world, performing on the same date, that’s gonna be a blast!

Would you say your country has a big active metal scene?

Considering that Latvia is a really small country, i’d say that we have a pretty active metal scene.

What should we know about Latvian metal scene?

We have a lot of talented rock and metal bands, bands that took part both in local festivals, as well as big festivals like Wacken Open Air or Bloodstock. Bands are constantly playing gigs in Latvia, other Baltic countries, and tour across Europe as well.

Name 3 bands from your country from the top of your head.

It is very hard to name 3 most popular bands, since we have a top band in pretty much most genres, for example hard’n’heavy – Rebel Riot, heavy metal – Janis Bukums, hair metal – Bloody Heels, alternative rock/post hardcore – Sever, electronicore metal  – Blinded Memory, alternative metal – Once Upon, modern progressive metal – Legacy ID,doom metal – Catalepsia, folk metal – Skyforger, doom/death metal – Frailty, black metal – Velnezers, deathcore – Mayla and many more.

Some of these bands will also be seen on May 5 at the „Metal United World Wide” event in club „Melnā Piektdiena” ( Black Friday).

Does your country lean towards a specific genre (thrash, death, black etc)

No, as i mentioned before, we have a lot of bands from very different genres.

Where do you go to see international touring bands?

The biggest club in Riga is “Melnā Piektdiena”, where we go to listen to top and medium size bands, MUWW event will take place there as well. We have 2 big festivals in Latvia – Metalshow and Zobenss un Lemess, where a lot of worldwide known bands also take part. In Riga we also have an alternative music bar “Depo”, where many foreign bands perform. There are also other cities in Latvia, where foreign bands play – Jelgava, Liepaja, Daugavpils, Cesis. Also we often go to shows to countries nearby – Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, etc.

Name 3 of the influential metal media from the top of your head:

LRMA Magazine,, Vārnu Laiks, SWH Rock (radio)

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